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Career guidance: developing a career in the hospitality industry together

Did you recently graduate and are you not sure yet which direction you want to take with your diploma? Or you know what you want, but you have no idea how you can practically make your dreams come true?


The search for the ideal job

During your training you will undoubtedly have chewed through a lot of theory in school and gained practical experience during your internships. You do not like all aspects of catering life equally and you want to develop a career in the field that you find most interesting.


But how do you look for the ideal job? You can browse the local newspapers for job offers. You can register with various temporary employment agencies or register with an official employment agency.


The disadvantage of this, however, is that there is a chance that you will go for a job that is not quite your thing. Firstly, because the offer often does not meet what you have always dreamed of and secondly because these authorities often exert a certain pressure.


The right person in the right place

As a recently graduated catering employee you really don't have to settle for just any job. You have every right to pursue a dream career. And I can help you with that.


Thanks to my many years of experience in the hospitality industry, I now know the tricks of the trade. I know what hospitality entrepreneurs are looking for, but I also know how I can guide young people who have recently obtained a diploma in their search for that perfect job in the hospitality industry. 


With my help, motivated employees can gain access to better catering establishments, both at home and abroad.


How do I proceed in concrete terms?

Together with you, I not only look at what your options are, but also what your wishes are. In the first place, I will guide you in your job search, so that you can find the right employer at the right time and I will follow this entire process with you. So together we plan your entire career, from a newly graduated rookie to a full member (and who knows maybe one day chef) of a team of employees.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Career guidance

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