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Looking for a chef?

They are hard to find, aren't they?
We have good news - we are not looking for the next chef, we have your next chef!

















Why a chef broker?

✓ We have a database of chefs who are available at short notice or who have a notice period.
✓ Depending on the preferred profile of your chef, we select a number of candidates from our database.
✓ We draw up a description of your business and your offer that we provide to the candidate.
✓ When a match is made, a conversation with the candidate will follow. If we feel positive about the match, we will make an appointment.


We are a broker of chefs for permanent positions.

View here our vacancies (Dutch)


How does the collaboration benefit you?


Through our international network we bring you the right chef, whether you have a simple bistro or a gourmet restaurant with ambition. Gino selects the right chef for you according to the desired profile.

For flexi-jobbers and extras, we would like to refer you to interim offices.

Rates selection

Star chef: 9950*
Chef: 4950*
Second: 3950*
Chef de partie: 2950*

You only pay the fixed selection fee and no coefficient on the wage.
Selection of chefs for seasonal work, long or medium term is our specialty.

*Warranty included - if the collaboration ends within three months after starting, we will look for a new chef at no extra cost.

For more information or interest please contact us on +32475 49 29 53, mail to or make an appointment.

PS: We are not an interim office, we do the selection of chefs and cooks.

Chef Broker

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