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Is your catering business ready for sale?

You want to have a different, more social life. To go away for a weekend with friends or family or to a wedding party .....
But is your catering business ready to be sold?
We help you prepare the sale of your business in steps.

Hardest at first

The first step is often the most difficult: making the decision to sell your business. Fear of a life after your own business or the proverbial 'black hole'? Look before you leap. How can you best tackle it? Our step-by-step plan will take you a long way. The last step is to find the right buyer or tenant. Good advice is very important to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


You want a maximum result, don't you?
Call a hospitality expert. Not a classic broker, because he does not have the necessary in-house catering expertise. Brokers only focus on handling the sale without representing your further interests, which can have dire consequences later on. Do you have plans to sell or transfer your catering business? Know that we can do your homework together.
This way you can enter the negotiations with peace of mind for maximum results.


To be clear: we are not a real estate agent, but guide catering entrepreneurs in every phase of their existence. All negotiations are done directly with buyers and / or owners.


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Contact us for an appointment (real estate agents should refrain).

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